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Vinilo de 1980 edición europea

        ONJ Side    
A1    Olivia Newton-John–    Magic
A2    Olivia Newton-John Duet With Cliff Richard–    Suddenly
A3    Olivia Newton-John Duet With The Tubes–    Dancin'
A4    Olivia Newton-John–    Suspended In Time
A5    Olivia Newton-John Duet With Gene Kelly–    Whenever You're Away From Me
ELO Side    
B1    Electric Light Orchestra–    I'm Alive
B2    Electric Light Orchestra–    The Fall
B3    Electric Light Orchestra–    Don't Walk Away
B4    Electric Light Orchestra–    All Over The World
B5    Electric Light Orchestra Sung By Olivia Newton-John–    Xanadu

Electric Light Orchestra / Olivia Newton-John – Xanadu (From The Original Motion

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