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A1        Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
A2        Ascension
A3        Strobelite
A4        Saturnz Barz
A5        Momentz
B6        Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath
B7        Submission
B8        Charger
B9        Interlude: Elevator Going Up
B10        Andromeda
B11        Busted And Blue
C12        Interlude: Talk Radio
C13        Carnival
C14        Let Me Out
C15        Interlude: Penthouse
C16        Sex Murder Party
D17        She's My Collar
D18        Interlude: The Elephant
D19        Hallelujah Money
D20        We Got The Power (Version 2:18:482)

Gorillaz – Humanz (2 LP)

SKU: 0190295851194
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